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Operating for over 15 years, New England Info Tech specializes in IT across multiple industries, with a focus on healthcare and biotech. We have a wealth of experience in all areas of information technology and have consulted for hospital departments for years. 

It’s our mission to help clients modernize their technology. We understand that in order to stay ahead in our fast-changing world, businesses need to update their technology continuously. 

That’s why we offer services like modernization consulting, digital transformation, and more.

Connect With a Virtual CTO

As a business leader, you know that technology is more critical than ever before. You also understand that in order to keep ahead of the pack, you need to embrace new technologies and find ways to use them to your advantage. That’s where we come in. If you lack IT resources, budget, or an in-house IT department, New England Info Tech can help.

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Manage Third-Party Relationships With Confidence

Are you looking for a superior way to manage your IT vendors?

Here at New England Info Tech, we also specialize in helping companies manage their IT vendors. We can help you create and implement a vendor management program to mitigate risk, comply with regulations, and control costs. With our help, you can develop a mature vendor management program that drives results.

Faster and Smarter Project Completion

Our project management services are designed to help you overcome specific pain points and challenges based on the current status of your undertaking. Additionally, you’ll find our services are highly customizable, so you can be confident that you’ll see a tangible return on investment.